Krabi boek-fa festival Nov 2016

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14 Jul

Krabi boek-fa festival Nov 2016

Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival has the charm and essence of Indian festivals. Being greatly influenced by the Indian culture, Krabi has magnificently portrayed the different parts of its social and cultural life tinged with an Indian color. The above quoted festival is no exceptional.

Being a small place in Thailand, Krabi has to think of its tourist industry with a definite seriousness and earnest sincerity. It is because of its rare scenic beauty that Krabi has been able to attract travelers from every corner of the world. Along with its local fiestas, therefore, this above quoted festival is Krabi’s warm greetings to all the travelers. In English, the term Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival may well be expressed as Opening the Andaman Sea. And if there is any question regarding the ‘Opening’, the answer is Krabi’s readiness to serve its tourists. This festival is held annually during on November. Though tourists flock at this place all round the year, however, celebrating this festival is nothing but officially opening the tourist season of the province. It magnificently features parades, cultural and musical performances, sea kayak competitions, boat races, sales of local products and other activities.


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